And Just Like That......

You are 14! Weren't you just born like yesterday? How did you get so big so fast? Every time someone tells you, oh they grow up so fast, you kind of roll your eyes and think okay. But the truth is, THATS TRUE! They do grow faster than you can even blink your eyes. It seems like yesterday I was bringing this handsome guy home from the hospital. Happy 14th birthday to you!!


Surprise Proposal

Today was a perfect day to go be a part of a surprise proposal. I always wonder if the soon to be bride to be has ANY idea that this is about to happen, but she didn't know for sure! It was beautiful and you can't help but smile from ear to ear for them. Congratulations to the both of you!!


A Snowy Texas

When does it really ever snow in Texas? Not very often, but when it does of you have to take some photos of it. Of course in Texas we are not prepared for such weather. In fact, just 4 days ago it was nearly 80 degrees. So while I am frantically looking for "warm" clothes to put the children in so they can enjoy our ice/snow I came up with, a pair of zip up Olaf footed pj's, and then just layer with pants and long sleeves, throw on some socks for gloves, and a hat. Ready for the snow, for all of two seconds anyways, before we realize we live in Texas for a reason and it is much too cold out there to be out for long.